R2-D2 Building the Frame
by Darth Will
What you may need to make 1 frame:
1  4 x 8  3/4" birch ply
1  4 x 8  1/2" birch ply
table saw
wood glue

Router jig help:
Frame consists of
top and bottom plate   3/4"
10 verticals  1/2"
6 levels of ribs  1/2"
R and L side supports 3/4"
R and L ribs 1/2"
Frame was built around John's aluminum skin.  Unfortunately no measurements were taken.  Parts were aligned with the skin, marked and then cut.
Solid circles are the top and bottom plates, rings are cut for ribs and straight pieces are the verticals.
Ignore two weird shapes in bottom right corner.  Those were test scrap pieces.

Making four frames here.
Bottom plate notched out for vericals  Use router to make notches.

Use table saw with a dado blade to make lap joint on verticals and ribs.

Use scrap pieces first to test fit.
Bottom plate has 10 vertical notches routed out.
Top plate has only 5.
All 10 verticals do not go all the way to the top.

Centers of the plates need to be cut out.
Verticals notched on chair.
Ribs on floor, still need to be notched.
Pie pieces on table will be used for side ribs.

Side Ribs-
The tip end is cut off.  They are glued between the L or R side support and the verticals.  Pics on
page 4.
Cut out circles using skins to get the right diameter.  Then cut straight strips for verticals.